The SMARTEST Thing About USB

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How do things just work automatically when you plug them in?
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Unknown Bananas
Unknown Bananas Prieš 7 val
Aren't you teaching stuff to this age kids? How can they know about tech of your time
Tech DEEM Prieš 14 val
What is difference between Software (we have to install ) and portable software (just click to run). 1. Is there any performance difference? 2. Is portable software are have lots of bug? 3. Its not good for big software? 4. Is there any update issue? 5. Or any other problem? I have seen lots of portable software like chrome, firefox, photoshop, autocad, blender, gimp, audacity, etc One of website where you get portable. software. . Can you 🙏 please make another video on this topic?
Daniel Riley
Daniel Riley Prieš 22 val
I remember the launch of Windows 95
Walt Wright
Walt Wright Prieš 23 val
I was in the audience during the Windows 95 plug and play bsod. The audience took it with a laugh and I leaned over to our department head and said, "It's been fun, but I think there's a job opening at Microsoft."
Vincent Ackermann
Vincent Ackermann Prieš 3 dienas
Please don't except sponsoring by facebook. This company is so bad :(
Friendly Metroid
Friendly Metroid Prieš 7 dienų
Ah yes, the IRQ port days. Reminds me of WinSock.
kght222 Prieš 8 dienų
having to use a soldering iron after the 8088 and 8086 is extremely rare and unusual, one could call it punishment. generally you had pins already installed for jumpers. by the time the 286 came around if by freak chance you ended up in a state of needing soldier you would just install a pin connector, then never need to soldier it again. by the time 386 came around if you needed a soldiering iron on your day to day test bench you were a freak of nature. that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have had a soldiering iron, obviously component level repairs would be a thing even to this day, but by the time 386 was a thing most issues didn't require component level repairs. it is kinda funny because we are kinda back where we were before the 386 right now where most failures are hardware, but after the 286 until pretty recently (about 11 or so years, maybe a couple more) most failures were software. right now software is pretty rock solid regardless of where you are coming from, so if something is acting stupid it is probably the hardware that is the issue, but for a decade to a decade and a half if your computer was acting stupid odds were it was software, and during that time there was pocket where completely reloading your computer was just the go-to solution, because you knew it would work.
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea Prieš 9 dienų
Kinda miss Windows XP defragmentation!
Jan Monson
Jan Monson Prieš 11 dienų
The absolute worst, which still happened in Windows Vista and maybe in Windows 7 was the network driver issue. The onboard network card had to have its drivers installed before you could access the internet and automatically install anything else. The one driver to rule them all.
Steve Rand
Steve Rand Prieš 12 dienų
Far out! That takes me back to setting FSB and multiplier dip-switches on some mainboards. Oh and resolving IRQ conflicts in the BIOS so Windows could handle that 10mbit BNC network card. =-D
Riyadul Islam Mollick
Riyadul Islam Mollick Prieš 12 dienų
Windows: let me find the driver... okay I find it and install it. Now reboot... yeah Mac: The hardware isn't my class. Linux: What is driver?
BigEnderTroll Zockt
BigEnderTroll Zockt Prieš 15 dienų
That was a VERY extensiv Ad...
Lego Mini Movie Productions
Lego Mini Movie Productions Prieš 24 dienas
Windows still crashs way too often, misses drivers linux has built in for generations, and we are already at windows 10 where every update makes everything worse
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Prieš 25 dienų
I got an actual ad with Linus in it before this video lol
LagSoSad Prieš 26 dienų
Did anyone burn CDS back in the days?
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Prieš 26 dienų
I remember when we advised to connect all peripheral devices during Windows installation so that windows and detects them and install drivers for them too
SoCalStyles Prieš mėn
Win95.... hmmmmm(edit hey I'm not that old...)
David Prieš mėn
That Facebook money was too good to stick to your guns about them requiring an account to use the Quest 2, huh? Don't get me wrong, it is an excellent device, but the company behind it is the absolute worst, and you hopped right over the line you yourselves drew in the sand by advertising it.
Gaming York
Gaming York Prieš mėn
But they still include only CDs for drivers, so welp that’s where my CD rom comes in handy
Gaming York
Gaming York Prieš mėn
Me : cries in Windows Xp Windows Update
lexzbuddy Prieš mėn
Widows just works??? My ass.
Beltalowda Prieš mėn
Fuck Facebook and their Quest 2. Please don’t give them live scans of your homes. They just had more than 588 million account’ info leaked on top of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Stop supporting Facebook
Bradley Gilroy
Bradley Gilroy Prieš mėn
Give @LewLater his plant back. That's Lew's plastic plant, son!
Im1CrazyCow Prieš mėn
The only good part of the FACEBOOK ad was Madison!!! Cow}:-o)
Jonathan Leister
Jonathan Leister Prieš mėn
Wasn't it win 95 osr2 that added usb? I didn't think original 95 had usb.
GGWP Prieš mėn
Funnily enough, now my biggest problem with connecting peripherals is when the person has something such as an old network adapter, which requires a very specific driver, which should be in the disc that came with the adapter, but the disc and the box are gone, the company went bankrupt, and no one has the goddamn driver because no one has this fucking adapter.
toastynotes Prieš mėn
Idk if you already covered it but can you cover cable shielding, how many bluetooth devices you can use in a room before interference becomes a problem, and just interference in general? Thanks
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy Prieš mėn
Bacon Now
Bacon Now Prieš mėn
so smart it usually won't take the first time to plug it in.
Wat B
Wat B Prieš mėn
you still get some problem installing network printers. no one manage to solve this till today
Eric Goodwin
Eric Goodwin Prieš mėn
Anyone here remember or had SCSI on their systems in Windows 95 or Windows 98 era? I used to have 2 drives, cd burner, a scanner all SCSI. To get that to behave in bios, dos, windows and not crash something was a challenge! IRQ's, some devices sharing the same one making things 'fun' to not make the OS crash if you looked at it wrong.
William Miller
William Miller Prieš mėn
On 6 weeks from reporting cracking elite strap with battery. Still no eta on replacement.
toxicwar Prieš mėn
"you gotta be pretty old for that tho" Son i'm 29 year's old >:
Kernelpickle Prieš mėn
Damn kids today have NO IDEA how annoying it was trying to troubleshoot an IRQ conflict between a graphics card and a sound card! Booting into Safe Mode was a regular occurrence, and often was the ONLY way you could boot after installing new hardware, because you had to install it in the PC before installing the drivers and it would inevitably fuck up the IRQs when Windows tried giving it one automatically, and you’d have to manually figure out which device needed to have priority over another and depending on the way that device was designed, that sometimes meant that there were some devices that were too needy and sensitive to which IRQ they had assigned, and you’d have to buy a new (possibly inferior) component if you couldn’t get a PCI sound card to work with your PCI graphics card, and if you didn’t have an AGP slot on your board (because those weren’t a thing yet), then you might’ve had to downgrade your Sound Blaster to an older ISA card, or if you had a modem, you might’ve had to swap your internal ISA or PCI modem for an external serial modem, because those different busses all had different expectations with what their IRQs would need to be and how fast they needed to transfer data to and from the chipset or CPU.
vaibhav thathola
vaibhav thathola Prieš mėn
Damn sick ad for the quest, but i think id rather pay $1000 for the index and feel like i still have a shred of privacy left. Cool that ltt got their money though
daoud kamal
daoud kamal Prieš mėn
the sponsor is literally 1/3 of the video .---.
extrasupermorgen Prieš mėn
Windows 95 is it newer version of Windows 10?
ExtraTNT Prieš mėn
0:17 windows and working drivers... ok... ->after every win upgrade gpu: doesn't work any more with 2 monitors (windows driver), cpu: 4ghz idle, 4ghz max, bad performance, audio: static nois, chipset driver: bb... debian: just install non-free firmware and let's go...
BL1TZCR1EG Prieš mėn
I remember when I didn't need Facebook login to use a quest
Perigee Dynamics
Perigee Dynamics Prieš mėn
Oculus requires you to have a facebook account. You should be mentioning that considering you said you would mention it if you marketed facebook's garbage.
Joi Joi
Joi Joi Prieš mėn
Can you help me should I get a power supply if I am getting a ps5 and NZXT tower and they will be in the same area. Is it necessary to get one?
KevyKevTPA Prieš mėn
I cannot believe that LTT would actually accept an ad from Oculus. Are you actually trying to _HELP_ FB monopolize the VR market? Have some standards, sometimes money isn't everything.
Eldrin the weeb Covers 2k16
Eldrin the weeb Covers 2k16 Prieš mėn
Is it just me or does James look like he’s one strand of hair away hanging in front of his face to look like he’s gone crazy
Primsby Prieš mėn
His doing it again, over gesturing! Its why I can't listen to him and get distracted from what he says
Marc Mckenrick
Marc Mckenrick Prieš mėn
it wasnt that long ago buddy we didnt have pnp. 3.1 is like not even 30 years old 95 came in 95 from 95-2000 no pnp except ps2 port mouse and keyboard or the sega genesis shapes plug keyboard if u had one. xp did some but required to mouse to actually say insall it. wasnt untill vista we actually got pnp but no entirely. windows 7 is where we got damn near full pnp so like 10-15 years because 10's over a decade now
LiK Prieš mėn
Plug and pray LOL
James Gray
James Gray Prieš mėn
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!
Eduard Khodoian
Eduard Khodoian Prieš mėn
In Windows 95 we used to call P&P devices "Plug and Pray"
Victor Hugo Reichert Rovaris
Victor Hugo Reichert Rovaris Prieš mėn
I actually don't know if it is coincidence or some part of the algorithm shoving me this same W95 presentation clip throughout the week, but as off three days ago I wasn't aware of this incident and now I think I've seen at least 8 different videos talking about several different things and they all reffer to that presentation incident. It's a bit like when I learn a new word, suddenly it appears to be everywhere and I've never noticed it before... It's so weird...
Jarryd Watts
Jarryd Watts Prieš mėn
So this basically ended up being a video about the Quest 2 and how anyone over 35 is old because they remember Windows 95, which btw didn't support USB until Win95b was released.
R C Prieš mėn
He PISSED ME TFO with that little jab about being pretty old if you remember plug and play wizards. So I slowed the playback to 75 percent and pretended he was a kid giving a half assed history presentation.
Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn Prieš mėn
You weren't even born when floppy disks were in use. There, have some age bashing yourself!
elvisman2000 Prieš mėn
This guy looks exactly like Bernardo Silva, literally like his twin or something.
Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!! Prieš mėn
update was invete for good not bad !!! etc ....
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Prieš mėn
Just get good cables, dubious ones omit shielding or its just not connected at the ends.
fritz1360 Prieš mėn
My Mac never ever installed a driver or I never noticed anything. Everything just works immediately. How does that work?
Caligulove Prieš mėn
Yo I understand y'all got bills to pay and gotta eat, but over 1.5 minutes of sponsor in a 5.5 minute video? A bit much, guys.
thunder bear courage
thunder bear courage Prieš mėn
i had an Atari 600 XL. It was all plug and play. That was in the 80's.
nevermorefuzzy Prieš mėn
we complain about GUI and ur complaining about anolog interface
Alaude Prieš mėn
i know im late but really? a quest ad? like have you ever seen the horrible attitude from facebook on THEIR terms of service that just so happens to apply to oculus... also lovely techquickie long time no see lol
Ángel Rodríguez
Ángel Rodríguez Prieš mėn
Neil H
Neil H Prieš mėn
I'm pretty old then
Klingon00 Prieš mėn
As a mac user in the 90's, I remember telling my PC using friends about the joys of plug and play. Their eyes would glaze over... until Windows got some of those features but only worked some of the time. They were so excited but had no clue why I looked at it as old news. Times have certainly changed.
506 independent VIDEO
506 independent VIDEO Prieš mėn
i beg you, please tell me what music you used! it sounds awfully similar to БИ-2's парина!
Klingon00 Prieš mėn
Oculus sucks because it requires a spying Facebook account. Yuck!
Dave Prieš mėn
You forgot to mention manually placing drivers in extended memory in the himem.sys file.
Dillinger R.
Dillinger R. Prieš mėn
Was he even alive when windows 95 came out?
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up ..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*=.+1.. =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
periskop Prieš mėn
Before windows, Amiga (R.I.P) had this for cards - it was called Zorro 3 I think.
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up .*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*=.+1.. =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
hercion Prieš mėn
your hand-movements are very annoying. its hard to focus on the information.
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up... ...*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*=.+1.. =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
Mohammed AlAttar
Mohammed AlAttar Prieš mėn
The new kids of 20s they came here saying .. Whaaa? Lol spoiled kids
Dj Mccullough
Dj Mccullough Prieš mėn
Yes. It was just "so terrible" setting up non PNP hardware..
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up...*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*=.+1... =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
Alain Church
Alain Church Prieš mėn
I'm pretty old ... once upon a time .... THERE WAS NO USB !!!! I can tell because I punched cards.... later came monitors, replacing printers as UI, years later I used Pc with Dos 3.0, Windows 1.0 (no multitasking - no network) ..... Nobody know Burroughs nowadays ... few still living used a Honeywell mainframe system. Now they force you to use a post-stamp screen (with android) instead of a more confortable 65" PC monitor (App dont ran on PC - Authenticators neither)
Olim Pather
Olim Pather Prieš mėn
2:15 AMAZING!!!
Massimo Battaglia
Massimo Battaglia Prieš mėn
too many gestures, it feels uncanny
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up .*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*=.+1... =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
X x
X x Prieš mėn
I think you just called me old.
Pixels Prieš mėn
Next video: Why doesn't Android need additional drivers when plugging in USB devices?
jamie jaggard
jamie jaggard Prieš mėn
James, are you Jesus? Lighting spot on if you're trying to break it to us gently lol
earfluffy Prieš mėn
The "ubiquiti" of high-speed internet connections. I see what you did there; don't try to hide it.
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Prieš mėn
How dare you call ME, a Windows 95 user!! old? I'm offended 😤
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Prieš mėn
@Techquicki e Another bot
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up .*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
*....Hit him up .*
Techquicki e
Techquicki e Prieš mėn
Thanks for watching out. =.+1 =9=2=5=-5=1=7-=7=4=7=5.>>..
Jabir Abdullah Haian
Jabir Abdullah Haian Prieš mėn
3:45 that caught me off guard
Jollyroger Hobbies
Jollyroger Hobbies Prieš mėn
I remember having to have an install floppy for every new device. then came the cd, if you were rich that is. I had internet during windows 3.1! it was called America Online. My first connection was at 2400 baud(modem). Yes, I'm old. VERY old apparently. First computer was my Grandmothers commodore 64. Ok, ill show myself out........
Eustolia Fukuyo
Eustolia Fukuyo Prieš mėn
Funny that Oculus market their quest with next gen graphics while the PS4 VR still has better graphics (which also looks kind of bad compared to normal VR on PC)
Oren Prieš mėn
2:16 In fact, this was the first time anyone (except for devs and Bill of course) has ever seen the BSoD.
Super Hiro
Super Hiro Prieš mėn
Anyone else not give a fuck at all about PC Gaming right now?
Dennis Perry
Dennis Perry Prieš mėn
I miss being able to pick my own ports 😂
Lann Prieš mėn
1/3 of the video is a fucking sponsor add.
Wabbit - Kun
Wabbit - Kun Prieš mėn
holy shit that quest ad was so long XD
Anders Enger Jensen
Anders Enger Jensen Prieš mėn
Pepperidge Farm remembers... (I.E. me #OlderThanAllTheKidzHere 🥸🤪😂)
ThrowAway Prieš mėn
It's so annoying when you are clearly reading off a screen. You might as well just hold a tablet.
Sean Android
Sean Android Prieš mėn
this guy looks like he needs to get a good night sleep...I like the video by the way.
Andernerd Prieš mėn
Bleh, Facebook.
Itamar Budin
Itamar Budin Prieš mėn
well, now I feel old :(
Firdaush Bhadha
Firdaush Bhadha Prieš mėn
1/3 of this video is an advertisement :(
Zach Davis
Zach Davis Prieš mėn
I love how half of this was just an advertisement
Bjorn Prieš mėn
did he just call me old? and he ain't wrong either :(
Niezbo Prieš mėn
"You gotta be pretty old for that" lol, I'm NOT!
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Prieš mėn
But we never got the promise of USB...One of the original selling points of USB was that you would be able to daisy chain up to 256 devices. Instead we got sold USB hubs that barely ever work right.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams Prieš mėn
Don't lose those driver floppy disks
Massivive Prieš mėn
Clickbait title for something pretty basic are you gonna change it to something actually appropriate in the future at least so that people who come to this channel to learn something can find it?
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